Monday, April 13, 2009

My first award

Thank you to Christina of
I think I am supposed to post the rules and my 10 picks
SO here are the rules for this award and below are my 10 choices.

Here are the Rules:

• Display the image of the stamp "Look How Cool Blog" you just won!

• Post the blog link you provided.

• Indicate your choice of 10 blogs.

• Let them know.•

Post the rules.

1.Being Mrs Wresh
2.The scrappincop
3.Kim B
4.Designs by Lisa Minor
6.Summertime Designs
7.Kim @blueridge meadow
8.designs by dreamer paula
9.tracy Drane
10.kims scrapping

these are ladies who I visit on a regular basis and I am a huge fan of them.


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